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Quantity Recommendations

The following chart is to give you an idea of how many brochures you might expect to order to keep your pocket filled for the year. Keep in mind that quantities are affected by many factors, such as whether you are using a brochure or a rack card, how popular the show or attraction is, and your distribution plan. It’s important to order enough to keep the pockets fairly full. We’ve recommended a number range based on the type of plan.

If you have:

Plan Type        Approximate # of Locations        Estimated # of RACK CARDS         Estimated # of BROCHURES

Plan 1                        650                                                  65,000-110,000                                   52,000-100,000

Plan 2                        600                                                  60,000-90,000                                     48,000-90,000

Plan 3                        500                                                  50,000-75,000                                     40,000-75,000

Plan 4                        375                                                  37,500-55,000                                     30,000-55,000

Plan 5                        200                                                  20,000-30,000                                     16,000-30,000

Plan 6                        150                                                  15,000-22,500                                     12,000-22,500


Other things to remember...

  1. Minimum needs are higher for rack cards to fill up pockets and minimums are higher for 2-fold than 4- or 5-fold.

  2. The number of expected pulls vary by customer due to the attraction/show, as well as the visual appeal of the rack card/brochure.

  3. Placement on the rack can be a cause for increased pulls, but the best pocket in the rack for a brochure can depend on the type of attraction/show. Most important is the appeal of the rack card/brochure.

  4. If the rack card/brochures are too light weight or cut improperly, the card/brochure will have a tendancy to fold over and reduce the appeal. This also causes us to replace more often and increases quantity needs.

  5. The minimum amounts indicated above are needed to fill each pocket with enough that the pocket looks well cared for. Additional inventory may be needed to refill pockets and keep them full.

  6. Changing the rack card/brochure during the season will also affect the number of brochures needed.

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