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10% Discount

If you are a new customer and you prepay the entire amount due for the contract year at the time of signing and submitting your contract, you will receive a 10% discount off the purchase price. If you are renewing, you can receive 10% off when we receive your full payment by the contract renewal date.

Credit Card Payments

You may make prepayments by credit card; however due to security reasons, we will not accept installment payments by credit card.

Late Fee

Amounts outstanding more than 30 from the due date may be assessed a late fee of 5%.

Payments made easier with Installments

Installment Billing Schedule – The alternative to prepayment is installment billing. The installment deposit is due with the submittal of the signed contract. The remaining balance will be divided into eight equal installment payments. Each payment will be due on the 15th of the month. We will send you a separate billing payment schedule noting your specified payment amounts upon contract submission.


Installment Deposit Due – December 1st or upon contract submission

1st Installment due March 15th

2nd Installment due April 15th

3rd Installment due May 15th

4th Installment due June 15th

5th Installment due July 15th

6th Installment due August 15th

7th Installment due September 15th

8th and Final Installment due October 15th

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