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Placement Criteria

Your brochure placement in our racks is determined using several different factors, or criteria. Some of the criteria include the timeliness of payment, the quality of your brochure, and if you have provided us with an adequate supply of brochures. This is reviewed throughout the year, so please note the following as it will affect your brochure placement for next year:

  1. Benefit Partners – These are businesses that offer a benefit, such as a discounted or free product or service, to the locations where we have our brochure racks throughout the region. For instance, The Track Family Fun Parks offers a free Go-Card to all the businesses that allow us to place a brochure rack on their property.

  2. Marketing Partner – Businesses which have a special partnership with The Track Family Fun Parks for marketing purposes.

  3. Paying Up Front- Paying the entire balance by the contract renewal date (you may also receive a 10% discount).

  4. Timely Payments – Installment payments made on time (please refer to the Payment Information Page (hyperlink) for more information).

  5. Adequate Supply – To ensure the best results for your pocket, maintain an adequate supply of brochures in our warehouse throughout the year. We have plenty of space to store them. Supply is used as a criteria because not having enough brochures requires extra work on the part of the brochure delivery staff.

  6. Early Supply – An early supply of brochures allows our staff to begin filling your pockets at the earliest part of the year. We have visitors at all times of the year, and having a current brochure to place in your pocket gives you the most for your marketing dollars.

  7. Brochure Quality – We strive for a quality presentation of your brochure. Lighter quality brochures fold over or slump after a short time, becoming difficult to see and causing a messy appearance in the rack. Also, it takes time to replace and recycle the old brochures and requires more brochure stock, likely overriding any upfront cost savings from the production of the lighter brochure.

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