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Frequently Asked Questions...


We get asked a lot of good questions! These are the answers to the most common questions. Don't see yours? Click on the Contact Us page for phone numbers or email. We promise you a quick response!


How many brochures or rack cards should I print?
It is a good rule-of-thumb to plan on at least 50-75 brochures or 75-100 rack cards per pocket to initially fill each of your pockets. The thickness of the paper stock will affect this number - more are  needed if the paper is thinner, less with thicker paper. Multiply the number of locations with your plan X 75 (rack cards). This will initially fill your pockets, but we will need ample supply to refill pockets as the rack cards are pulled. Factors like the popularity of your show or attraction, the attractiveness of the brochure or rack card, etc will affect how many you will need. This should cover you: multiply the initial number X 2, and this should give us enough stock to last a while. If you haven't already, check our page called "Quantity Recommendations."


I work at a location that has a Track brochure rack and I'd like to take advantage of the benefits. What do I do?


Please check out our page Location Benefits for specific information about who offers what benefits to our rack location employees. If you have any questions after checking out the page, please contact us! We want you to be able to take advantage of the many shows and attactions available.


I need to have some brochures or rack cards printed. Who should I call?


There are many printers around and you are welcome to work with whomever you choose. For your convenience, here are the names of a few local printers. We are not recommending anyone over another; as always it is good to talk to a few different printers for information and pricing.


          Branson Tri-Lakes News, Hollister - (417) 334-3161

          A&J Printing, Nixa - (417) 725-2674

          Multi-Printing, Forsyth - (417) 546-5340

          Print Group, Ozark - (417) 581-7651

          Ink Works, Hollister - (417) 337-5050


How can I save money at The Track?


Our drivers get asked this a lot! The easiest way to save money at The Track is to purchase wrist band for only $12 each to get 2 full hours of Go Kart rides at any of The Track locations. For more information about Go Karts, park hours and tickets go to the website:



How can I get a list of locations where my brochures or rack cards are displayed?


Please contact us, and we will email you a PDF file of the locations based on the Plan type you have purchased.

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